DT6 L33T T-shirt

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With the success of the DT6 / SEAL Future Fund collaboration project, we have embarked to raise the bar of last year’s success and bring you another collaboration in 2016 with an even bigger veterans’ foundation that will have an even greater impact, and provide more support to former and active Navy SEALs. In order for us to execute this project, we need some start-up funds; As a result, we are offering a limited edition DT6 shirt that resembles the design of our members only t-shirt from 2013.

We are offering high-quality cotton shirt in Military Green color - an oversized front print of our DG HK416 / Maritime logo, and a DT6 shield logo and team text on both sleeves.

T-shirt with DT6 sticker and a thank you letter with,
- standard shipping included: $35.00
- tracked shipping included: $45.00

Only a 100 of these shirts will be made, so pre-order yours as soon as possible!

Pre-orders will be opened till the 20th of January; shipping will start on the 31st of January.

We thank you for the love and support!

DT6 crew